4 November 2009

Dieter Roth is too good

In the university library, there is a special collections part where I've been looking at Dieter Roth books, their amazing, i love the antique quality which they hold. I like how some pieces are displayed in boxes, it shows how special they are. One book which i found interesting, was a book with newspaper pages...nothing else. Who knows the meaning for something which seems so simple, yet complicated in another sense.

A book i've created, i've hidden sweets inside...it's like a secret place.


I'm experimenting with sweets at the moment, exploring the textures and colours. I haven't really got a plan, I'm just putting them all together, pouring glue on, and seeing what happens.
I've noticed that boiled sweets takes a very long time to dry...the sugar coating just melts into a sticky mess, whilst jelly sweets dry very quick and feel really spongy, which i kind of like.

last week...

We were given the challenge in class of creating an invention which Leonardo Da Vinci hadn't previously thought of...well it seems he came up with ALOT. Even so, I tried thinking of things which i find interesting, what do i enjoy? practical, non-practical, I don't think it really mattered, so i went with practical. I love books...not necessarily to read, i love looking at them, so my invention was a light which fits to a book!
I later found its already been invented, never mind i like to think i thought of it first.