4 October 2011

London and back.

I went to London yesterday to visit the Charles Matton exhibition in Kings Cross, I only spent the one night, so got back this afternoon.

Matton's exhibition was amazing, I absolutely loved it. On entry, the room was dimly lit, and immediatly the audience is presented with a number of boxes scattered around the room. Each box was pretty much eye level, so that you can see directly inside. The boxes displayed immaculatly put together rooms, made up of tiny furniture and hand crafted objects...the detail was amazing, and something which I can only imagine would take years and years to create so perfectly proportioned.
Each box is Matton's replica of 'Artists' Studio spaces' all of which are uncanny, and when pictured close-up, seem practicaly lifesize, it's unreal and something which has really and truly inspired me. I'm SO glad I went to the exhibition.

I'm now concentrating on my dissertation, and also on my new ideas for my project. I plan to use light and mirroring as a part of my work, something which Matton has opened my mind to.