12 March 2011

Little character scenes.

I've really enjoyed drawing characters, creating their personality through their clothes and choice of animal. I'm now experimenting with actual toys, creating a scene within our real world and photographing them, which gives the characters a sense of reality...the next step up from drawing them.

10 March 2011

No pictures.

... For some stupid reason I can't upload ANY photographs of my work onto the blog. This is very annoying because I want to show what I've got going at the moment. I'll just have to try again over the next few days.
I've mainly been drawing a lot lately, thinking up little characters...though i do need a storyline, because once i've got a story I think the characters will just create themselves, whereas at the moment I'm just making up characters which are quite randomly put together. I've always had the idea that I'm developing my ideas to eventually make a big dolls house...but i just seem to be diverting away onto other ideas. I'm really bad at that, I never seem to just stick to an idea and go with it.

I'm still working towards a dolls house..but at the moment I've been making little houses, which i'm setting into a little village..like a borrowers town! BUT i still haven't got a storyline. I don't know what I want my story to be based on, it's something which I'm really really really struggling with. I've got ideas for scenes I want inside the village...but i guess its all just aesthetically pleasing, and a little more depth is needed.