6 October 2009

Jonas Mekas

I came across Jonas Mekas about a year ago in an exhibition at London's Tate Modern.
I was mesmerised by a short film of his named 'Collaboration', the film made me question the meaning of life, and how fast it passes us all by. The scenes were beautifully captured flashing before our eyes, displaying visual encounters of specific events occurring in a lifetime.
Why do we as a majority conform to the general layout of life's events? birth, marriage, children, death, as though we feel obliged to go along with this routine.
These are some of the thoughts which i tapped into whilst watching this video, its strange but true. Before Jonas Mekas I hadn't begun experimenting with film, though now I am so interested in this media and I'm constantly looking for more insightful imagery and films.

Tomorrow I will find the film I saw and upload it onto my blog.

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