6 April 2010


I've come back from Paris now, and got sooo many ideas and inspiration, the exhibition Pavillon des Arts & Du Design was running during the week i was there, which was really lucky because it was amazing! it was full of painting, sculptures and loads of modern furniture design, i just loved it. I think just being in a new environment was needed at this point in time, being surrounded by really interesting people was what the exhibiton was all about.
I came across a suprising number of artists who I already admire, one being Nikki de Saint Phalle, one of her famous 'Nana' sculptures was exhibited, which i'm not really a fan of comapared to her 'shooting paintings', but I enjoyed seeing an artist I was familiar with. So as well as other known artists such as Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat, discovered some new pieces which I just loved...

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