25 September 2010

New term.

So we’ve started back at uni now, we had a bit of an induction type thing the other day, I think it was more for the 1st years who Hazel wanted to settle in by mingling with us now 2nd years. We also brought in out summer projects, which by the way I was surprised to see so many costumes had been made! The brief did say “wear your project on the first day back”, but to be fair mine wasn’t really wearable...I could have worn it or just held it! There were quite a few good costumes which I liked, capes, hats and other type things. If I’m really honest though I’ve always thought this Interactive Arts course is far too ‘drama-y’ for me, I mean I understand ‘Interactive’ means getting involved with each other and being spontaneously creative...but that’s not the kind of art which appeals to me, and after our first day back earlier this week, I kind of remember that side of the course which I don’t really like. I’ve got to look past this though because as long as I focus on what I’m interested in then I’ll do just fine!

Also I forgot to mention that I’ve got a job, at Topshop! I really so badly need the money, I struggled last year to buy all my art materials so this wage will really help in the months to come. I know it’s going to take a few days out of the week, which I really hope won’t affect my art work, and if it starts suffering then I’ll cut down my hours so I can fit both into the week!

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