20 October 2010

Well I volunteered to help out at the Manchester Science Festival as part of a group organising an installation piece called the Super K Sonic Boom. The installation was a 23 metre long river of water which was running through a tunnel lined with loads and loads of gold balloons...it’s a recreation of the experience of a sonic boom at Japan’s Super Kamiokande neutrino observatory. The idea is for the visitors to dress in white boiler suits, wearing protective hats and wellingtons to sail down the balloon filled tunnel in a small rowing boat, where they will witness loud ‘booms’ and bright bold blue flashes, hopefully gaining the full experience! So I put my name down to volunteer for the whole week, but after just the one day I actually went back home for a while because I had the opportunity to see Rachel at hospital. I know this volunteer job is great experience, but at the time there was no way on earth I was going to miss the chance to finally see Rach, I don’t care what anyone thinks about it because she means the world to me. I emailed the management team to apologise about the situation and have asked to please consider me again for any further opportunities, because I’m interested in helping out exhibitions, I think it would be fun!

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