23 November 2010

I’ve come back home to Wales this week because I’m in desperate need of HobbyCraft!! My exhibition piece is a small version of a dolls house, I bought a small cabinet for around £1 and have created a little dollhouse scene inside...but I need all the finishing touches and HobbyCraft is the only place I know of that sells the essentials! The scene I’ve created follows the story which I made up, It’s about a beautiful married couple who live in this lovely little house, until one day a wicked witch (or wizard I haven’t decided yet) cast a spell on the two for being so perfectly happy, and the spell turned the couple into half human and half animal! They were then looked down upon in their community and had to look out for themselves, robbing food from markets and living like gypsy to just get by. So basically the house I’ve created is supposed to show their chaotic house and the couple inside. I now need to buy lots of bits and bobs, including kitchenware, books and anything else I think will relate to the story. I just hope I can get it all done in time; I only have 3 more days until it should be displayed!

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