2 November 2010

Shelter project- 'Home Sweet Home'

My group project.
My group and I exhibited our shelter project last week, I've written a project report on it, so I won't go into the nitty gritty stuff, but basically it turned out great! Me and Felix spent the entire day right up untill 1am, trying to find the perfext interior for the bus shelter. By the next morning all the furniture had been stolen...but we knew smething would happen, and at the end of the day it's part of the fun, it's the unexpected which is exciting. Overall I'm happy with the outcome, it has gievn us ideas to further the project in different areas now.
The concept plays with the image of what a shelter is, a home is where you live, it's where you sleep and each home is personal. It's common knowledge that a bus shelter has the use of sheltering the people underneath it, so when combining the two ideas together we created this set-up displaying a scene from a house. I love the contradiction of the inside/outside scenario, and I think the project can be looked at from different perspectives, some might think the idea is simple in regards to 'shelter' but there's more depth than the visual aspect.

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