1 December 2010

Yesterday I did my presentation about my exhibition piece, there were 5 of us altogether in my group, we each had to give a 5 minute talk about our work displayed and then there would be a 5 minute period to ask questions. I always like hearing about other people’s work, especially those who are in my class because it helps me relate back to my own work too. There were one or two in my group who had done a fair amount of experimentation work, and that’s something which I always need to do more of so it set me back a bit. I’ve always been quite happy to talk about my work, I tend not to think too deeply about it beforehand because a lot of people get so nervous and I don’t ever want to be like that. I could have spoken about my work for quite a bit longer, but we had to keep to the time limit so then it came to the questions. Someone commented on the fact that the story didn’t really match up to the scene they were looking at, they said that they wouldn’t have guessed that the couple were acting like gypsy’s, stealing from the community. I could see what they meant, because the scene could have involved a lot more ‘stolen goods’ and I’d like to make the interior a bit more mix matched to suggest a broken home. Jon and Hazel always comment on the way in which I piece together my work, I’ve been told a number of times that it always looks a little bit messy, with glue poking out in random places. I have taken note of this, and when making this small dollhouse I really tried my best to keep it to a neat standard, though I think I need to change the glue I’ve been using, perhaps something a bit more delicate. I’ve also got some great suggestions for work experience and volunteer work, someone suggested working on a theatre stage set, I’ve thought about this before actually, but at the time it wasn’t something I was really that interested in, because I associated it more with drama and acting as appose to the set design itself.

I always imagined the inside of my dollhouse to be a bit interactive, having random objects moving and creating unexpected gestures. When I spoke about this, it was suggested to me that I research a bit about automata and see how I could develop the idea further, so that’s stuck with me and is something I’ll do.

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