25 January 2011

Impressionism/ Post Impressionism lecture 1.

So I had my first lecture last week, I chose to do these lectures because of the lecturer Michael Howard, he's really enthusiastic and shows a lot of passion for the subject, so he's really good at keeping me interested...which I think is pretty important!!
This first lecture was just an introduction for the next term, it sounds really good, and something which I'm generally interested in. Michael is very articulate and he so much knowledge for this particular subject, which I found a little overwhelming to start with when comparing to the short space of time we have to learn everything.
We were given a poem to read by Charles Baudelaire for this week, and although I've read it, I had work last night when we had our second lecture, so I'm going to have to bring it for next weeks instead.
Also I need to get a hold of a few novels, because Michael is quite adamant that to do well on this course, we need to read novels to gain that extra knowledge. I'm looking for Emile Zola novel called 'Nana', it's apparently based on a woman leading her life as a prostitute, the book was written in 1880...I think it sounds really interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it! There aren't any copies in the library so I'm going to order it off Amazon next week when I get paid!

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