28 December 2010

Life Size.

The next step for now is to create a life size dollhouse, Fee and I are going to join together and start collaborating again like we did for the shelter project, we have such similar ideas and we’re both stuck in the same frame of mind at the moment. We’ve recently been on the hunt for old abandoned houses, or even just small spaces that aren’t being used like sheds and garages. We’re going to create a house inside the spaces, much like the dollhouse I’ve wanted to do for ages, so to have Fee interested in the same idea is prefect! We plan to hold an exhibition night within the house, showcasing our work and maybe others if it suits. I think this is a step in the right direction now, and I feel like my way of thinking is a bit more focused, last term I fell back a bit and this new term I will push myself harder to achieve more.
This old ruin of a building would the ideal location for me...now we just need to find it!

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