12 January 2011

Manchester central Art gallery.

Today I went with Fee to the Manchester Art gallery. We had a really good time, mainly because the work we enjoyed the most was all very interactive, which I think makes for a good exhibition. There were a few pieces which caught my attention, one being a scanning machine a bit like what you get an airport to look through your belongings, basically you put through items which you have on you, and watch them translate into an image onto the convey belt. Though it's a bit of an illusion because actually the image is just a projection from the ceiling, which i though was very clever! the room next door was filled with hundreds of light bulbs which flashed, you had to put your hand onto a sensor and your pulse is measured in the speed of each flashing light bulb...so basically the room was filled with lots of different levels of flashing light bulbs. But the best was yet to come! it's unbelievable how something so simple can be so fun. A blank projection on the wall, the kind where you walk past and notice your shadow is being captured, displaying every move you make...well it kept us entertained for at least half an hour, creating scenes with whatever we could find in our bags, giving the illusion of obscure scaled objects against our height. Definitely the highlight of the exhibition.

I've got some great photographs from all the experiments we did with the projection, but for some stupid reason I can't upload any photo's onto my blog, I've been trying since last night, because I've got some story book characters I've created that I want to put up on here too, it's very annoying!

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