16 January 2011

site project.

We've been given a new project based on 'site specific. We were only given a week for this, which for me is probably the best thing, seen as i work best under pressure, it just gives me the motivation to produce work. I've had a few ideas for the project, seen as we're confined to the grounds of the university, I pretty much straight away wanted to use the park that sits in the middle of the library and arts buildings, so i needed some sort of connection to make between my art and the park where it will be situated. With research I found that in fact there was once a church located on the grass area, along with a cemetery...so my ideas now became based around this.
Tomorrow I'm going to engrave into a tree in the park, a symbol or writing of some sort, I have a few ideas but i'll not say until I've actually done it, I hope it goes to plan!

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