25 April 2011


I've been researching how it is exactly animations like Action League Now! is created.

It appears as though the toys are magically moving on there own..with no strings attatched. Though obviously that couldn't happen, so I assumed the scenes have been made with hundreds of camera frames, each photograph capturing a tiny movement, and then the frames are pieced togther to make a very realistic moving toy scene.

Action Leauge Now!
has been been created using stop motion and something called chukimation...whereby there's a combination of photographs and also live action film.

To learn this,really excites me because that's exactly ho i've been maing my village animation...i hope it turns out something like this!!

I think i should have used more frames in the animation, because now looking back it will probably be a very short film..maybe 2 mminutes. Though i think the thought process and effort will show in the end.

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