4 May 2011


I've known about an artist called Slinkachu for quite some time now, when I came across a book of his in Magma in Manchester. I wrote his name down but completely forgot about it, unitll only recently I managed to find him again by doing A LOT of googling!!
Anyway I'm soooo happy to of found his work, I just LOVE it.
He buys his little figures from model shops, and he re paints them himself, sometimes he adds bits on to them with plastercine to make certain shapes...like arms and legs.

He then puts his little figures into the real world, and creates new scenes as if they are living within it. I can relate so much to Slinkachu's work, he obviously has the same fascination as I do, with scale. There's just something really exciting about seeing an object which should be large...shrunked down to a tiny scale.

I'm going to have a look for his book tomorrow in magma. it's really inspirational!

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