12 October 2009

food for thought.

Today in my interactive art class we were given a project based on 'food', having to document today's food intake
As soon as I thought of food related art I immediately thought of Dieter Roth, I love Roth's work, he can just do no wrong in my eyes. Roth was very well known for his paintings and sculptures which were made with rotting foods, such as chocolate, sugar, yogurt, cheese, bread, mince and spices, which subsequently beetles and micro-organisms would then transform.
Roth was interested in the characteristic of the decaying substances, it was the structure which he found most interesting, the play of colours,the variations of deterioration and mould and their general natural transformation.

With Roth's decaying work, it could be questioned whether there would be a point where his work reaches a state of aging, threatening their significance in terms of art history. I don't think the end result is really the importance of the piece, it is the creative idea which I appreciate more, also aesthetically amusing to look at.
Dieter Roth himself describes the end result;
"Eventually they do press the button which stops time, surviving as an image although they may disappear as material. The whole putrefying image actually grows and increasingly takes on museum life".

These images are of Dieter Roth's
'rotting works'.

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