26 October 2009

I find myself forgetting to keep up with this blogging... so I'm back on it this week.
For the past week or so I've been getting involved in the 'food project', following in the direction of my interest in book making. I love the antique quality of books, my work journals tend to develop into a piece of art in their own right, I like them to be visually interesting urging to be touched. I don't purposely chose to create books, I just find there to be something relaxing about the way in which their crafted, and for the time being I'm happy experimenting with them.
Children's books interest me too, the old fashioned Beatrix Potter type, in fact I love them, I think it's important for children to have belief in their imaginative outlook. The library at MMU has a 'special collections' section which I absolutely love, I've discovered some Dieter Roth books which have inspired me so much, also the childrens books are never ending.

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