9 February 2010

I've never really experimented with animation before, I just find it really interesting figuring out how they are produced, so I'm discovering it in my own way, trying out different approaches to see what works best. I've been given the advice to research the work of Brothers Quay, their animations relate closely the style in which I'm trying to achieve.
So I've been looking, and I actually love some of what they've created, it really reminds me of Tim Burton's work. What appeals to me the most is the silence of it all, as in the viewer can make their own assumption of the story it tells. I love the lighting of the films, it gives the impression of an outlandish scenario, as though we are watching a nightmare unravel itself.

Below is an animation created by The Quay Brothers. It fascinates me, there is so much detail involved, it makes me wonder how many frames were used to make a film which is so precise and so well structured...

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