9 February 2010

Victorian Taxidermy.

Taxidermy is the reproduction of dead animals for display...although I actually find this disgusting, there's something about it which excites me, because they appear so life-like, whilst also looking a bit like a toy stuffed animal.

Anthropomorphism- Meaning the characteristics of a human combined with that of a non-human, such as an animal or other being. I hate when animals are dressed up, like in the circus, or when people dress their pets for their own pleasure, I think it's inhumane...though for some reason I'm attracted to the 'artistic' side of taxidermy, and I'm enjoying exploring it at the moment.

The Victorian and Edwardian times were very popular for Anthropomorphism taxidermy , displaying the taxidermy for amusement and entertainment, which unlike modern day, the exhibits appeared to be of popular interest. One of the most well known practitioner at the time was Walter Potter, his collections of humorous taxidermy were displayed in his museum known as 'Bramber's Museum', based in West Sussex.
Potter's centerpiece of the museum was his display of 98 stuffed birds,which was inspired by a book of stories. It's the combination of texture which I love the most about this artwork,and the detail in the props and scenery which gives the characteristics of a human environment.
On face value I find the images quite amusing, I don't actually think of them as cruelty to animals...but maybe if I saw them in real life, displayed inside a box, I may well have a different outlook.

All these images are by Walter Potter.

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  1. you know , there is something about taxidermy in general that make me feel sick .
    maybe is the colors , some tons diferent ... and the eyes . i never was very found of this "art"