14 April 2010

Jean-Francois Rauzier.

Hyper-photos. Rauzier's artwork is created by assembling hundreds of close-up shots taken with a telephoto lens, giving amazing high-definition detail which no normal camera could possibly capture at the distance taken. When I saw the images I hadn't the knowledge of how Rauzier created them, I couldn't understand how a piece of photography could be so clear and so life-like. Since returning home I looked into the work of Rauzier and now I'm just fascinated with how he produces such detailed images, it's crazy because when I looked closely at his work I could see no sign of the images being tampered with, no joining to suggest any cropping and redesigning.
The hyper-photos give off a strange atmosphere whereby time has frozen and a fantasy world has been captured, the colours are so vivid and magical that it's hard to believe the photographs have been taken from the real world.
From these photographs I have taken, you can see how large the scale of his images are, which indicates how precise Rauzier has to be in order to display a flawless photograph. I like his work because of the interesting way in which he creates, his subject matter is confusing and again has similar characteristics to collage, the image as a whole makes sense until you look closely and discover random objects which contrast each other.

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