14 April 2010

Serge Mendjisky.

Mendjisky uses photography to create a means of distorted collage's, displaying images of city life, public events and other general scenarios. It was the scale of his work which captured me the most, because from afar the images could be mistaken as a random collection of colour. When I took a closer look I could see a clear image of buildings and people which have cleverly been restructured to give the impression of an original photograph.
I find collage really interesting to use and to look at, I see it as another form of painting, so instead of creating with acrylics, oil or pastel, I can use photographs and images to give the same effect.
Mendjisky reminds me a bit of Rauschenberg's approach to image and colour, both use imagery to create abstract art, and where Rauschenberg utilizes paint to combine the two mediums, Medjisky's creations give off a similar affect using only photography.

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